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Friday, October 9, 2009

Cuz You've Been Nighttiming Baby

Although I enjoy living where I live, for me, the biggest downfall of being in a beach town equates to a casual dress code, even at the swankest bars, lounges and restaurants. So you can imagine that I don't draw much inspiration for going-out outfits from the people I see around town, and I often feel like I'm overdressed. Case in point...

Two weekends ago (for a night at a fancy lounge/bar), I attempted to execute the underwear-as-outerwear trend with my new sequin hot pants from Topshop. Taking a cue from Topshop's Marianne lookbook, I hastily put together this look consisting of a cropped tee, vintage beaded jacket, and the most comfortable leg-lengthening heels I could find. To avoid competing with the flashiness of the jacket and hot pants, I skipped out on jewelery, and went with minimal makeup. The mix of prints and textures doesn't translate as well in photographs, as it is best appreciated in person. I realize that it's quite a daring look for my conservative town, but I enjoy knowing that I won't have the same outfit as anyone else. Furthermore, not only was the outfit comfortable, but I also found the silhouette to be intriguing because it's both modest (the upper portion) and daring (the lower half) simultaneously. And with designers putting lots of Lady Gaga-esque skimpy shorts/underwear on the Spring 2010 runways, I have a hunch that the legs will take center stage as the new erogenous zone come next summer.



Wearing: cropped zebra tee - Strawberry, beaded jacket - vintage, hot pants - Topshop, leggings - Forever 21, heels - Steve Madden