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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kane's Killer Collection

Somewhere in my relentless internet search for photos and information on Christopher Kane's upcoming 39-piece collection for Topshop, I spied some lustworthy eyelet platforms. After seeing more of the lookbook on a Scandinavian blogger's site, it was official - I was intrigued, and couldn't get enough of the mesh and eyelet flourishes. When the complete lookbook and a short (but glitzy) video became available on Topshop's website last night, I slowly perused them and began debating which pieces to buy. With prices considerably higher than I normally pay for clothing and footwear, it's going to be a tough decision. Then again, it's a more affordable way to get my hands on some of Christopher Kane's designs. I'm betting that many pieces will sell out within hours, so a vigilant proximity to a computer will be in order next week when the collection is released. Below, some of the items that I'm most drawn to.

Christopher Kane for Topshop

images via topshop.com