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Monday, September 28, 2009

Five New Finds

I've been going out on the town more frequently the past few months, and for a girl who loves to get dressed up, this is good news. I'm oddly pleased to reveal that I haven't repeated an outfit yet (hey, it may sound diva-like, but it's a small world, and I don't want to be caught in the same look twice). On the other hand, I'm actually a bit ashamed to admit that there are still items in my closet that I've yet to wear. As more birthdays and events are coming up soon, that will probably change as I put more of my new purchases into rotation.

So given that I am not keen on wearing the same outfit more than once when it comes to a night on the town, I've been transitioning away from the florals that I favored this summer and I'm presently in a phase where I'm favoring a French-chic Breton striped top paired sequin skirts/trousers/leggings. As the nights cool off this season, I envision wearing more faux fur and beaded trophy jackets, LBDs, textured tights, and higher heels with a platform. On the subject of heels...my 6" Ashish for Topshop zebra wedges (which caused quite a stir on Saturday night amongst my female friends) have started a new precedent for heels - now 5" seems weirdly minimal...crazy, I know. I'm petite and I just can't help liking the feeling of being five to six inches taller.

In my quest for fun new pieces to inspire my going-out looks for fall, I found a few new arrivals at trendy British high street store Miss Selfridge that appealed to me...


images via missselfridge.com