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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feeling Floral

When I'm traveling, practicality always dictates my wardrobe choices. You probably won't catch me in five inch heels, cumbersome dresses, or impractical pencil skirts when I'm out exploring or sightseeing. Instead, I opt for casual, comfortable clothing such as sneakers, skinnies, and cozy knits. While I've got a soft spot for high heels, I've come to accept that they just aren't worth the pain and discomfort during hour after hour on my feet (unless I'm all dolled up and out on the town, of course). For last week's tour of the Hearst Castle, I wore a floral blouse and embellished cardigan to give my jeans a more feminine flair, and finished the look with my always-reliable Chucks.



Wearing: sunglasses - H&M, blouse and cardigan - Forever 21, jeans - Rapsodia, beaded bracelets - assorted, skull ring - So Good Jewelry, watch - Movado