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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Motorcycle Madness

Whether you opt to wear faux leather or the real thing, there's something undeniably cool about fall's biker-inspired pieces. A strapless dress takes on a whole new look when done in form-fitting faux leather. Skinny pants become more badass, and short shorts telegraph a tougher vibe. Put them on and you instantly feel strong, like you can harness the power of a superhero.

The crew over at Forever 21 seems to be channeling the motorcycle-meets-glam-girl trend pretty heavily this season, as they've got a wide selection of faux leather items fit for any Harley girl. When paired with a plaid shirt, sturdy boots, and rumpled hair, these items pay tribute to the grunge heydays of the '90s, when it was all about looking like you didn't make any effort to get dressed.

motorcycle fashion trend

Pictured above:
1. Biker jacket, $34.80
2. Shorts, $22.80
3. Strapless dress, $24.80
4. Marlena tote, $29.80
5. Cinched pants, $22.80
6. Studded mini skirt, $17.80
7. Frenchie lace-up bootie, $26.80

So I pose this question to the team at Forever 21...what's next...a faux leather tee or tank top, some faux leather fringe earrings, or perhaps a faux leather bib necklace?