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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The JC Effect

Lately it seems that my purchases run in cycles - one week I'll be obsessed with chunky rings, and when my hunger for jewelry is satiated, I switch to buying studded belts, then strapless floral dresses, and so on. So what's my latest item of choice? Shoes. My fondness for footwear knows no bounds. With cool weather on the horizon, I've been adding new boots and aggressive platform heels to my collection. To be more specific, I've been eyeing almost anything from Jeffrey Campbell, who is fast becoming one of my favorite footwear labels. With reasonable prices and on-trend design features such as buckles, cone shaped heels, mesh, ruffles, chains, and lace-up detailing, my biggest issue is deciding which pair I like the best. Here are a few of my favorite current styles.

Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Photo, $199.95, Solestruck
Asti, $69.99, Urban Outfitters
Michelle (sold out at this time)
Doo, $139.95, Solestruck
Miley, $74.99, David Z