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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ashish, Ashish, Ashish

I'm not even on Twitter, but having stalked Topshop on Twitter, I found out that the Ashish wedges I've been lusting after would become available Wednesday, so I kept an eye out for them this evening. Given that Topshop headquarters is eight hours ahead of PST I theorized that the wedges would become available sometime around midnight, assuming the Brits start their workday at 8am. Fortunately, my obsessiveness paid off around 11pm this evening (about an hour ago), as they were up on the site, along with footwear by Preen. Although the $290 price tag for the wedges is not proportionate to the £140 that the UK site is charging, I splurged on the zebra print. (If you do the math, then £140 would equal approximately $230 with the current exchange rate of 1.64.) Not sure why Topshop gouges Americans with an exchange rate of over 2.0, but I had to have these shoes!

Ashish for Topshop ankle boot wedges