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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trend On The Rise - Photographic Florals

Nothing quite evokes the feeling of summer for me like a bold floral print. Reminiscent of the blooming flowers we see in early spring, florals are fun, feminine, and cheerful. I equate them with warm weather, long days, and lots of sunshine - hence my strong liking for them. Daydreams of lounging in a lush garden with a cup of tea, some macaroons, a handful of friends, and great conversation come to mind when I imagine the ideal place to wear a floral print. Of particular interest to me this summer are the festive and very realistic photographic florals that I've been eyeing on several sites. Here are some of my best picks.

photographic floral prints

images from topshop.com, asos.com, dorothyperkins.com, & urbanoutfitters.com