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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trend On The Rise - Hitched Hemlines

hitched gathered hemlines

images from dorothyperkins.com, allsaints.com, forever21.com, missselfridge.com

Admittedly, there are a few fashion trends that I avoid. For example, bubble hemlines have never appealed strongly to me. I do, however, appreciate a voluminous dress or skirt when done in a refreshing new way. The proliferation of hitched hemlines that I've seen lately has intrigued me and it has also helped to take the edge off of my recent fascination with prom/lantern/full volume skirts. With clever draping and stitching, I suppose this could be an easy DIY update for giving old pieces (perhaps prairie skirts circa 2005) a whole new look. While I haven't yet taken the plunge into the hitched hemline pool, my thoughts on how to wear the trend are to keep the proportions lean on top, choose hefty fabrics that will keep their shape and won't fall victim to gravity, and wear heels to combat the hip/thigh area volume and make legs look longer.

Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge offer printed versions of hitched skirts for those who are more gutsy when it comes to mixing prints and full silhouettes, while Forever 21's shimmer party dress gives a strong nod to the glitzy '80s. I also spotted these two very affordable versions at Papaya this weekend (but I encountered some glitches on their website, so I don't recommend ordering from them online).