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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trend On The Rise - Chain Mail

Historically worn by soldiers as body armour, chain mail is quietly making a comeback in the form of chic vests, necklaces, and bracelets. Along with embellishments such as studs, grommets, spikes, zippers, buckles, and chains, chain mail evokes that don't-mess-with-me-tough-girl vibe that's been gaining strength recently. (Given my excessive collection of studded belts and shoes, that's good news for me.)

During my brief shopping escapades in Portland, I picked up this sparkly chain mail vest at Bebe. I look forward to the challenge of making it look more modest by layering it with tank tops, tissue-thin tees, and lightweight sweaters. Also on my style radar are two pieces of jewelry from two of my favorite British high street retailers. Topshop's chain mail necklace comes in an unexpectedly bold hue of purple (and if that's not bright enough for you, it's also available in hot pink), and the bracelet from Miss Selfridge offers an understated take on the trend.

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