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Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Chains

Inspired by both this post on Fabsugar and fall's tough girl motorcycle trend, I decided to make my own DIY boot chains. The project was so simple it's almost ridiculous. I used some necklace chains of various thicknesses and colors from Michael's and cut them each to a 6" length, then looped each end into a safety pin and attached them to the hem of the shoes. Fortunately, the shoes are made of safety pin-friendly microfiber, making the boot chains easy to affix and remove without visible pin holes. I wouldn't have attempted to stick a pin through my faux leather and leather shoes, so these affordable heels from GoJane made the ideal candidates for this project. The best part is that no tools were required, aside from scissors and safety pins. For a novice DIY-er like myself, this was a fast and fun mini project that updated my shoes in a matter of minutes. Now all I need is some distressed knee-patch moto jeans...