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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ship Overseas, Please

Dorothy Perkins clothing

images via Dorothy Perkins

My love for British high street retailers is no secret. They nail key fashion trends each season, have budget-friendly prices, and are months ahead of U.S. retailers on the trend cycle. So when I discovered this week that Dorothy Perkins now delivers to the U.S., I was thrilled, to say the least. I promptly browsed the affordably priced goods and picked out some of my favorites. For those who browse Topshop's site and follow the GBP/USD exchange rate as much as I do, you may notice that the floral bustier, crop top, and sequin jacket I've featured are similar to Topshop's current offerings, but are priced a bit lower at Dorothy Perkins. (At the time of this writing, the rate is still making me cringe at 1 USD to 1.64 GBP.)

Up until now, I was aware of only three other high street retailers that ship to the U.S. - Topshop, All Saints, and Miss Selfridge. Then there's Asos, whose site I could spend hours browsing. (Those models make almost everything look good!)

When I first went shopping in various parts of London, the selection of high street retailers was so new and vast to me that it was overwhelming, but after a few days, I became familiar with each store's strengths and characteristics. New Look was a strong choice for inexpensive and trendy footwear and dresses. River Island had higher quality boots, jackets, and denim to die for. Office carried oxfords, ankle boots, and colorful pumps that I could never find in the U.S. at similar price points. Oasis, Next, and Warehouse all fit the bill for low-key, sophisticated work and party pieces. Miss Selfridge stocked fun jewelry, trendy tops, and chunky faux fur vests. Dorothy Perkins had great dresses, chic trousers, and a Petites department which interested me. And Topshop...I must have spent hours in the shopper's paradise known as the Oxford St. store.

Now if only River Island and New Look would ship to the U.S., my fantasy online high street shopping destination list would be just about complete.