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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Things

Looking back at my activities this week, I:
  • watched a crazy dog fight
  • biked and walked an estimated 40 miles, and drove an estimated 6 miles
  • spent way too much money while shopping online
  • discovered Need Supply Co.and their selection of stylish, affordable dresses
  • took a peek at Forever 21's new blog, and hoped they took a peek at mine


  • watched entertaining video clips on My Wardrobe
  • finally found a much sought-after wool bowler hat at Target, of all places
  • found a new NYC street style site called Citizen Couture
  • rediscovered my love for all natural fruit smoothies
  • browsed the neverending selection of cheap chic footwear at Urban Original, my new top pick for affordable shoes that are sold out everywhere else
  • ordered two floral items from A'gaci, only to have one go on sale the next day and be told that they would not do a price adjustment
  • considered cutting my hair like this, but keeping it blond


via Style Bazaar