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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Top 25


Despite its somewhat thin size, the July issue of Lucky is my favorite one to date. It seems that the recession may have taken its toll and the editors have decided to respond by featuring items that are much more affordable than things typically found in the magazine. Hallelulah! (I hope to see more low-price features from Lucky in the future.) With everything in the issue under the $100 price point, it goes to show that you don't need to spend big bucks to have great style. As a proponent of cheap chic retailers myself, I've always believed that it's not about the high price, the designer, or the label, it's about how you wear it. Along those lines, women who encapsulate elegance while wearing bargain finds never cease to inspire me. You know those people who can take an item from a store like Forever 21 and make it look much more luxe...they are my style icons.

On page 32, they've compiled the "100 under $100" list of retailers with the "biggest and best selections of way-affordable stuff." While many of the sites are quite familiar to me, there were a few new ones that I had to check out, including 80spurple.com, akirachicago.com, and idontlikemondays.us. In honor of Lucky's list and their brilliantly styled July issue, I'm going to share my top 25 sites (with reasonable prices) that I enjoy browsing on a regular basis. And before I forget, for those of you who adore handbags, baghaus is definitely worth a look.