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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day and Night

A family member remarked to me today that I seem to buy a lot of dressier, "going out" clothing. Without hesitation, I replied that it's true. I love the idea of getting dressed up for a night out. For some reason, I gravitate towards flirty dresses, high heels, and embellished tops, which don't always serve my casual, active lifestyle in the most practical way. When I bought this strapless floral top, I envisioned wearing it at night, perhaps with glossy leggings, a tuxedo blazer, cage heels, and a statement necklace. To make the top more appropriate and wearable for daytime, I layered a tee underneath for modesty and opted for comfortable flat sandals. While ripped jeans and a studded belt give the outfit some edge, I couldn't help but add a delicate flair to my hair with two newly purchased bows from H&M.



Wearing: H&M hair bows, tee from Target sleepwear, top, belt, bag & DIY ripped jeans from Forever 21, sandals from GoJane