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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shopping For Swimwear

Ventura beach

With Memorial Day and the unofficial start of sultry summer days upon us, it's that time of year again - time to shop for swimsuits. Conquer your swimwear fears and hit the stores armed with expert tips on what works for you. Here are some helpful tips to consider, courtesy of designer and swimwear guru Shoshanna Gruss.


What are the key swim trends to look for this summer?
Look for bright pop colors like neon pink, orange and green. Tribal prints are popular as well as ditsy floral prints, big bohemian florals and graphic black and white.

How revealing should a swimsuit actually be?
Bust Coverage Test:

Three-fourths of the bust should be covered, leaving only a swath of cleavage. The thicker the strap that attaches the bust to the rest of the suit, the more likely it'll stay in place as the day goes on. If you opt for a bandeau top, which is often strapless, nothing should be squeezing out the top or the bottom. Boy shorts offer great coverage on the bottom if you're active, but they're far from being a universally flattering style.

What are the best colors for every skin tone?
Navy and black are universally good for every skin tone. Both colors are flattering and look good against the lightest skin tones and the darkest.

How do you find a swimsuit that flatters your shape?
Big Busted:
Look for halters which offer the most support. Also look for boning and underwire which will act like a bra and securely hold you in place.
Look for one pieces with ruching to slim your middle. When shopping for bikinis stick to bottoms with tie string so they are easily adjustable.
Flat Chested:
Strings are most flattering. If you want to enhance your chest, look for ruffles or ruching which will create the illusion of a bigger chest.

How do you take your beach look from day-to-night?
Find a versatile cover up that can take your bikini beach look to a casual dinner. A crochet cover with ¾ sleeves is great because you can throw it over a bikini with cute shorts or jeans and be ready for a night out.

What are some general tips for purchasing swimwear?
Cotton bathing suits are more for show. They will take a long time to dry compared to a polyester/spandex blend. Accept that sizes will vary, even from the same label.

What is the best way to care for swimwear?
Don't put bathing suits in the washing machine, this will weaken the elastic. Instead, wash in cold water with a delicate cleanser such as Woolite.