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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On The Streets of New York

In terms of people watching, NY is one of the best cities I've visited due to its diversity. You can stand at any street corner and simultaneously hear five different languages being spoken while dozens of people walk past. While I generally found the street style to be less edgy and creative than London, Copenhagen, or Stockholm, I captured a couple of images of things that caught my eye. (After years of reading street style blogs and photographing people on the streets, I think my standards for street style are stricter than most street style fans, as I sometimes find some of the looks on street style blogs to be less than inspiring. Or perhaps I'm reading too many international magazines, and I've become desensitized to the stylish people that walk past me on the streets.)

New York street style

I spotted this young girl with striped socks watching a band perform at Washington Square in Greenwich Village.

New York street style

As I walked north on Fifth Ave. two days later, out walks this woman from a boutique with her suspenders and preppy designer ensemble.

During my time, I observed the following things on the streets of NY:

  • Burberry trench coats
  • neon pedicures
  • flat jeweled sandals
  • Tory Burch flats galore
  • printed rain boots (which I almost never see in California)
  • skinny jeans hemmed at ankle length
  • the modified Posh bob
  • lots of Juicy Couture
  • the ubiquitous LV and Chanel handbags, both real and replica
  • lightweight scarves
  • Rock & Republic jeans
  • short shorts