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Monday, May 25, 2009

More Window Shopping In NYC

Fashion moves fast. In one day, out the next. And so it goes. My NYC store window photos from two weeks ago may already be old news as new items are put on display and fresh trends go into rotation. Hence my desire to share a few more things from my NYC trip. When I travel, I capture anything that looks (or sounds) interesting - street art, a new band, street style, and even food. You never know where future trends will come from and what will inspire them; inspiration can come from anywhere.


A nature-inspired dress at Bloomingdales

Pearl River Mart New York City

Kitschy offerings at Pearl River Mart

New York City Soho street art

SoHo's eye-catching street art


Rainbows of color at Foot Locker


Strappy stilettoes at Zara


Embellishment and accessories at Bolton's


Boot-sandals at New York Look