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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Live From New York

Tonight is my second night in NYC, and I snapped this photo of the Empire State Building as I hungrily browsed menus in search of a restaurant in Murray Hill. Today I quickly learned something about shopping in this city. The best time to go is when the stores open, as they are cleaner, more organized, and well stocked than later in the day. A visit to the large H&M location at 34th/Herald Square at about 7pm showed that many NYC denizens shop after work, and by that time of day, practically everything that caught my eye was not available in my size. Tomorrow I look forward to pillaging the new Topshop store and exploring the rest of Soho and surrounding areas. I may be sporadically updating if I can tolerate the tremendously slow internet connection at my hotel. Overall, I'm staying super busy with sightseeing, I'm doing lots of walking, and I'm also indulging in some amazingly delicious gelato. Many thanks to those of you who gave me shopping and museum recommendations!

Empire State Building