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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Harbor Hunting

This afternoon I decided to take advantage of the warm southern California weather. The humidity in NYC has given me a new appreciation for the mild climate in my area. It's something I often take for granted but it makes life so comfortable.

After changing into a casual outfit, I took my dog Russell to the scenic harbor area for a leisurely walk and a cold beverage. I'm still breaking in my new Chucks, and decided to spice them up a bit with some neon pink laces. I've always loved the combination of pink with gray. Colorful laces are a great way to add a personal touch to shoes that are so common. (When I was a youngster I had three beloved pairs of Chucks - in purple, green, and pink. It seems that I've always loved bright colors.)


"Russell, sit."


"Russell, stay."


"Good boy, Russell."

Wearing: straw hat - Target, pink tank top - Camouflage, peacock tank - Matthew Williamson for H&M, jeans - Topshop, backpack - vintage, Golden Retriever - rescued.