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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Got Love?

My daily browse through Forever 21's website uncovered some interesting news. Today, May 19, marks the launch of their new contemporary line called Love 21. According to the site, the line, which is "designed for the sophisticated shopper" features "quality fabrication and detailing" in addition to "garments made of 100% silk and premium denim but with prices that won't break the bank." After taking a peek at the lookbook, I'm most intrigued by the dresses. Perhaps we'll see a marked improvement in the type of fabric they use and the construction of their garments. (It's become somewhat of a habit to hand wash many of my F21 pieces to elongate their life span.)

In true Forever 21 form, prices are incredibly low and range from $8.80 for a tank top to $24.80 for a dress. As there aren't any stores near me that will be stocking the goods, I'll have to keep checking the website for new arrivals.

Forever 21 Love 21 line