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Friday, May 22, 2009

2 Jumpsuits + 2 Blazers = Happiness

vintage denim jumpsuit

I scored this denim jumpsuit along with a sporty turquoise jumpsuit and two blazers while on a four-store thrifting mission today. Freshly energized after eating at one of my favorite restaurants, I found the overall/jumpsuit section tucked into a corner of the first store and my heart raced - I had hit a thrift store gold mine. Then I came upon the second jumpsuit - a sleeveless style with sporty ribbed hems and a drawstring. The Topshop buyers would have been proud! I couldn't wait to get home and start altering them. After throwing the denim jumpsuit in the wash, it was ready for some modifications. I began by removing the '80s shoulder pads, ripping the small label off the front pocket, and chopping off the long sleeves to make cuffed ones.

Recently, I've taken inspiration from Topshop's lookbooks, ad campaigns, and store displays. A similar denim jumpsuit that I eyed at Topshop (albeit acid washed) was priced upwards of $100, hence my excitement at paying less than $4 for this well-made version. Then there was an oversize pastel pink blazer that I found...it's one part Miami Vice glam and one part Cape Cod preppy. I can't wait to roll up the sleeves on that one and wear it with a strapless dress and some patent ankle boots. As for the last piece, it's a black oversize blazer which I plan to chop the sleeves off of to make a boyfriend vest. Apologies for my silly enthusiasm. A successful thrifting trip like this is the perfect way for me to start a holiday weekend.