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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trend On The Rise - Platform Footwear

While doing my daily browse through Forever 21's website on Friday night, I spotted these Alexander Wang-inspired open-toe fringe boots in the New Arrivals section and wasted no time in placing my order. Although the $575 Alexis version undoubtedly feels much better on the feet than this $34.80 PU version, the 1" platform makes them comfortable and a breeze to walk in. I always welcome footwear with a platform, as the platform adds height without the dreaded discomfort that high heels often bring to my feet.

Lucky for me, there is a strong S&M undercurrent (with lots of high and hidden platforms) influencing spring footwear, and it seems that super high heels that were once considered trampy are becoming more mainstream. These boots will be an easy and painless way for me to add 4.5" of height, and they'll go with everything that I'll be wearing this season, from cuffed shorts and floral dresses to skinny jeans and printed leggings.

Forever 21 fringe ankle boots

As a random side note, I'm currently loving these four beauty trends for spring:
  • a black pedicure (perfect for that disheveled, Alexander Wang-y tough-girl-could-care-less look)
  • bold eye shadow hues in shades of lavender and turquoise
  • pastel green nail polish the color of mint chip ice cream, because it reminds me of Miami's architecture (I just bought Opi's Gargantuan Green Grape)
  • peachy or coral cream blush for a natural, flushed look