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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lucky Charm

While I don't consider myself a superstitious person, I found myself to be unlucky enough to get a nail in my bike tire on good old Friday the 13th. The next day, however, my luck turned around when I received a beautiful and delicate four-leaf clover necklace by Emily Elizabeth Jewelry. Although I won't be drinking green beer or eating bangers and mash in celebration of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday, I will definitely be wearing my four-leaf clover necklace in honor of my Irish heritage.

Emily Elizabeth jewelry

The four-leaf clover lariat can be worn by threading the clover through the gold hoop or by wrapping both ends of the lariat around each other (as one does when putting on a tie). With an 18k gold-filled fine cable chain, the necklace features a detailed brass clover charm, which can be plated in variations of gold. It lends a delicate and versatile vibe to any outfit and retails for $34+ at Emily Elizabeth Jewelry.

As for the rest of my outfit, I was clearly inspired by Cristophe Decarnin, whose recent collections are the envy of many a fashion blogger, including myself. Since I'm still looking for an impeccable and affordable Balmain-esque band jacket, I dug up my embellished vest from several seasons ago, and I have to admit, it makes quite a satisfying substitute, minus the power shoulders.



Wearing: tee - Xhilaration, vest - Kimchi & Blue, pocket watch necklace - Urban Outfitters, clover necklace - Emily Elizabeth Jewelry, jeans - Lei, studded sandals - Wild Rose