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Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Between Raindrops

While getting dressed yesterday morning, I had two things in mind - creating a functional and comfortable look for dodging raindrops and newly found inspiration from Topshop's Sport Nouveau collection. Visions of glossy leggings, oversize tank tops, and sporty anoraks paired with killer heels swirled in my head. The end result was this easy mix of sporty separates that kept me warm and dry as I navigated the suburban streets.


Wearing: white tissue tee - Xhilaration, layered necklace - Topshop, bunny print tank top - Shibuya Mon Amour at F21, anorak - Xhilaration, leggings - American Apparel, shoes - Forever 21, polka dot umbrella - Gap

Also - I will be announcing the winner of the Chickdowntown.com contest very soon. Thanks to all those who entered, and if you didn't, you still have time!

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