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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Sometimes what I want to wear and what's practical given the weather are two diverging things. For example, this morning, my mood dictated a spring-themed look - a floral tee, straw fedora, boyfriend jeans, gladiator sandals, and a lightweight cardigan. The weather, however, was cooler and more breezy than expected, so practicality and comfort won out and I opted for a boring but functional look for a day at the flea market and the beach - a canvas jacket, fringed scarf, and my trusty Cheap Mondays. One of the many benefits of living near the beach is that it never really gets too hot. Even on summer nights, a lightweight sweater or jacket comes in handy. And I have a feeling this jacket will be one of my favorite standbys.


Watching: surfers
Wearing: floral sunglasses - Wet Seal, fringed scarf - F21, ring - Blue Asphalt, jacket - I ♥ Ronson for JC Penney, jeans - Cheap Monday, shoes - Converse