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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trend On The Rise - Bleached Denim

While I often sing the praises of Target's GO International clothing options, I have yet to touch on Walmart's apparel offerings. The truth is that I probably step into Walmart a whopping three times per year. One of those rare Walmart shopping trips took place last week, where I entered the store with a specific list of items to buy and walked out with these surprisingly on-trend bleached jeans by trendy Junior brand Lei. Not only was I impressed by the skinny fit, but the price was very competitive at only $20. Considering that I've been drooling over brands like Siwy and Karen Walker, who have bleached jeans at price points upwards of $100, it's nice to know that I can buy into this trend at such a low price point. (Or, if I had the patience, I could spend almost nothing by taking some secondhand jeans and bleaching them myself.) I never thought I'd write this, but hooray for Walmart for having incredibly affordable bleached denim!

bleached jeans

tie dye denim



Wearing: tee - Fruit of the Loom, faux fur jacket - H&M, feather necklace - F21, beaded & layered necklaces - vintage, jeans - Lei, boots - GoJane