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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Traveling Peacoat

If you're wondering why I haven't updated in almost a week, it's due to a brief bout of disillusionment with the fashion blogosphere and a lack of creative inspiration. It seems like everyone and their daughter/cousin/sister/niece has a fashion blog these days, and frankly, when something becomes this pervasive, it feels like time to stay ahead of the crowd and move on to the next big thing...

So anyways, a sunny day spent in Ojai in addition to the purchase of some Frye boots and the much-anticipated arrival of the March issue of Elle (in my opinion, the best issue in months) have all helped to chase away my ho-hum sentiments regarding fashion and thankfully, my merriment for spring trends and fashion blogs has been reignited.

There's nothing particularly interesting about this outfit, but when I bought the wool peacoat from Old Navy about six years ago, I never imagined how much wear I'd get out of it. It's kept me warm during countless chilly days and evenings spent in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Vancouver, and Orange County. I even lugged it to London in the spring of '07, despite the fact that it must weigh several pounds.

wool peacoat

Old Navy wool peacoat

wool peacoat

Wearing: long-sleeved tee - J. Crew, plaid shirt - Heritage 1981, peacoat - Old Navy, jeans - vintage, boots - Wet Seal