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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Foam Phase

Foam magazine has caught my eye upon many visits to the periodicals section at Barnes & Noble, but I never actually brought one to the cash register until last week. The February/March 2009 issue features model-and-surfer-turned-designer Erin Wasson on the cover.

Foam magazine

Although the Orange County-based magazine is geared towards female surfers, its "Flotsam & Jetsam" editorials were surprisingly more fashion-y than I was expecting. Surf-inspired apparel and accessories have certainly come a long way since the days of my youth, where hibiscus-printed board shorts and simple logo-emblazoned tees and sweatshirts reigned on the streets of my Orange County beach community. As I flipped through Foam, I found myself mentally bookmarking many an item in the magazine, including the colorblock and zebra print shorts below.

Foam magazine

This leads me to ponder whether the action sports industry is more in tune with trends than they were during my youth, or have my tastes recently become more surf-inspired...or both? A decade ago, when I was mostly shopping at trendy cheap chic mall stores, I wouldn't have considered wearing brands like Roxy, Element, Stussy, or Billabong because they didn't appeal to my late '90s style sensibility. It's not that I didn't always identify with these brands - I did wear my beloved Billabong sweatshirt to shreds when I was in my junior high school wannabe surfer stage.

Foam magazine

And in keeping with the modern girl's flourishing appetite for street style photos, Foam's website even has a street style section worth peeking at which is updated weekly.