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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In A Red Vest

A stroll through Forever 21 revealed this surprisingly bold faux leather vest. With epaulettes, fringe, and an eye-catching crimson color, it's not something I'd imagined myself wearing. Upon first seeing it, I was intrigued, and wondered if it came in black (which it didn't). After silently debating the merits and drawbacks of wearing such a cheerful and bold hue, I decided to buy it. Pieces like this aren't easy to find at a price point less than $40.

My goal for the end of February was to restrict my shopping in order to hold out for McQueen's collection for Target (of which I will probably buy a lot), but with more spring arrivals, it's becoming quite a challenge. Only 8 more days to go...

Forever 21 faux leather vest

Forever 21 faux leather vest

Wearing: striped sailor top - H&M, vest - F21, leather inset jeans - Cheap Monday, boots - Frye