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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trend On The Rise - Wild Wild West

In the fifth grade, I reluctantly played a small part in a Western play that my class was producing. Even at the tender age of ten, I clearly recall caring more about my costume than remembering my lines. So it's no surprise that I chose fashion over acting as an adult. With Native American and Western-inspired details playing an important role in spring '09 trends, now I can dress like a cowgirl and indulge in my tumbleweed kicking, horseback riding, whisky-drinking-in-a-saloon daydreams. All that's missing are the chaps. Thanks to the folks over at Forever21, I can get a taste of the wild wild west without leaving home.


Pictured above: 1. side swept feather tee, $13.80, 2. beaded Glory necklace, $6.80, 3. leather fringe mini handbag, $26.80, 4. lacquered medallions cuff, $7.80, 5. Dolly fringe vest, $24.80, 6. distressed denim skirt, $15.80, 7. Olsen slouched boots, $34.80.

Images from forever21.com