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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trend On The Rise - Hippie Chic

Today's warm, dry weather in southern California couldn't have come at a better time. I've been in the mood to wear warm weather-appropriate florals this week, and I also received the dELiA*s and Alloy spring catalogs today. If the catalogs are any indication of upcoming spring/summer '09 fashion trends to look forward to, then expect to see the following:

paisley print blouses
sheer fabrics
fringed accessories
feather & beaded jewelry
cowboy boots
faded, patched, & destroyed denim
plaid button-down tops
safari-inspired prints
jelly sandals
straw hats
saddle bags
braided belts
colored denim

From the looks of the catalogs, spring '09 trends are leaning towards a modern bohemian sensibility, with help from Western and Native American-inspired pieces. Expect to see updated versions of carryover trends from fall including fringed accessories, destroyed denim in light washes, and paisley prints in sheer fabrics.

I'm excited to wear most of the things listed above, as I already have them in my wardrobe, with the exception of jelly sandals. (I just can't bring myself to wear these slippery, cheap-looking creations.) Studded and fringed sandals, however, will likely be placed on my "must have" list, in addition to braided belts, vintage floral skirts, and graphic floral print tees. I hope you'll be inspired by the two looks I've put together from Alloy's spring collection.

bohemian boho style

The "updated bohemian" look is casual and simple, and perfectly appropriate for a busy student, a Saturday stroll at the farmers' market, or perhaps a walk in the park to soak up the sun.

Pictured above: 1. Stone cuff in turquoise, $12.50, 2. Flower burst tee, $24.50, 3. Crochet stretch belt, $16.50, 4. Indigo Saints shredded boyfriend jean, $42.50, 5. Moroccan sandal, $34.50.

hippie style

I envision my "modern hippie" ensemble being worn by a carefree, confident girl at a music festival or an outdoor barbecue. She prefers understated apparel and balances it effortlessly with accessories that make a statement, like the feather and beaded necklace and fringed sandals.

Pictured above: 1. Belize necklace, $24.50, 2. Pintuck racerback tank, $24.50, 3. Giddy Up bag, $39.50, 4. Paris Blues Lola stretch jean short, $24.50, 5. Peacemaker sandal, $32.50.

Images from alloy.com