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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sequins And Chiffon

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend as much as I am. It feels like summer in southern California (I promise I'm not trying to make anyone jealous), and I just finished an exhilarating 12-mile bike ride. Since I'm currently enamored with American Apparel, I'm about to hunt down a figure skater dress and some leggings or poly blend tees, but before I do that I wanted to post photos of last night's outfit. I finally caved a few weeks ago and bought the sequin leggings from Express that I'd been drooling over, since they were 50% off. Instead of the ususal oversized tee or tunic that I'd typically pair with leggings, I took a different route and dug out my old Temperley for Target chiffon Victorian blouse to lend the outfit a romantic, feminine edge.


sequin leggings

Temperley for Target blouse top

Wearing: blouse - Temperley for Target, studded belt - Zara, rings - F21, leggings - Express, clutch - F21, boots - Cathy Jean