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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Perfect Outfit For A...


For you office slaves, weekends may be reserved for more relaxed, less professional looks like the one above. As a former 8 to 5 slave myself, I often found office dress codes to be stifling and restricting. But after a while I played by the rules and tried to have fun with the dress code by wearing preppy sweater vests, blazers, wide-leg trousers, and many a button-down shirt. When the weekends and evenings rolled around, I could finally indulge in my trendy, comfortable, and casual pieces. The outfit I've put together is one such look that would be perfect for a Saturday consisting of browsing fresh produce at the farmers' market, perusing fashion magazines at the bookstore, and strolling the downtown streets of my beach town.

Pictured above: 1. Thick open weave hat, Wet Seal, $11.50, 2. Speed racer sunglasses, Fred Flare, $11, 3. Bunny tank, Forever 21, $13.80, 4. Denim jacket, Old Navy, $29.50, 5. High waist glossy leggings, Forever 21, $22.80, 6. Time on my hands ring, Modcloth, $17.99, 7. Heeled gladiator sandals, Asos, $56.96.

Images from forever21.com, asos.com, wetseal.com, modcloth.com, fredflare.com & oldnavy.com.