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Friday, December 12, 2008

Pretty Paisley

With today's outfit, I'm making use of another great find from Bebe - a diaphanous peasant dress that I scored on sale. As a shopaholic, I'm learning that one upside to the current economic woes are great sales and lots of current season overstock in stores where I normally don't make purchases. (Shopping hint - shop often and during the weekdays for the best bargains.) This dress originally cost $129, but I bought it for $39. It's a dead ringer for a more expensive piece that I was just lusting after at Zara.

paisley boho dress

I adore the black tassels on the sleeves of the dress and the shaggy faux fur of the vest.

paisley boho dress

black ankle boots

Now if I could just convince myself to stop buying more paisley dresses, textured vests, and tights, then I'd be able to stuff all that I have into my closet!