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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Mix

You know when you have a holiday event to attend but you're not sure what to wear and you don't want to be overdressed? You want something elegant and refined, but don't feel like making a lot of effort. Enter the perfect pair of menswear-inspired wide leg trousers and a tuxedo top with a comfy sequin-trimmed cardigan. Add some sparkling jewelry and ladylike accessories, and there you have it - classic glamour in a party-appropriate color palette with minimal work.

classic glamour

Pictured above (and images from) from Forever21.com: 1. onyx and pearls ring, $4.80, 2. satin tuxedo top, $17.80, 3. dark leopard sequin cardigan, $27.80, 4. Victorian bead earrings, $4.80, 5. Kathy wide leg trousers, $27.80, 6. Ellie elastic sling pumps, $24.80, 7. mod croc clutch, $16.80.