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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The F21 DIY

Rodarte's spidery knits continue to intrigue me, so when I came upon this crochet top on F21's website, I thought it would make an ideal knit for a Rodarte-inspired DIY session. Even though I possess Topshop's deconstructed Rodarte-esque sweater, sometimes I get overly enthusiastic about a trend and buy several versions of it. (This season, I went crazy over studs, dark florals, and plaid.) At $27.50, this sweater is more affordable than Topshop's, and you can even use it take out your holiday-related stress with scissors or a seam ripper to create those loose, ladder-like holes. For the insouciant look that fashion magazine editors can't seem to get enough of, pair it over a fitted dress and sky high heels, or with skinny trousers, a vest, and ankle boots for an undone-yet-polished effect.

Forever 21 sweater

Image from forever21.com