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Monday, November 24, 2008

Style, Cubed

In an effort to get a head start on the holiday shopping season, I paid a visit to Marshalls and their in-store boutique called The Cube. With its selection of trendy, contemporary apparel and accessories aimed at the Junior demographic, The Cube aims to provide of the moment styles and labels to trend-conscious women at wallet-friendly prices.


The Marshalls location that I visited was surprisingly clean and organized for a Friday night. I confess that I must have spent about an hour in the store (which is unsual for me), wandering from The Cube to the Shoe MegaShop, then to the housewares department, and next to accessories, and then back to The Cube.

The Cube at Marshalls

I eyed the flirty taffeta party skirts pictured below, which were priced unbelievably low at $12.99 and came in three holiday appropriate hues.


I also spotted Juicy Couture barrel handbags (for $79.99) and Dooney & Bourke handbags, as well as a wide assortment of cozy knits perfect for leisurely fall days.

The Cube at Marshalls

What really raised my eyebrows were these Members Only glossy black leggings for $24.99. Just what I was looking for! They're ideal for wearing on my frequent bike rides and for layering under flannel shirts, paisley frocks, or body con tunics. Then there was this lumberjack plaid vest with faux fur trim for $12.99.

As I browsed, I saw the same Vanilla Star acid washed jeans that I own in two colors at a lower price than I paid. Suddenly, I was both impressed by the stylish stock at The Cube and filled with a small tinge of regret for not buying them there. Those jeans would complement the lush purple Kensie Girl faux fur jacket that I saw on the racks at The Cube so well.