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Monday, November 17, 2008

Splurging On Studs

It's no secret that I'm a fan of boots. They're my preferred form of footwear year round. (Unlike many southern Californians, I even wear boots in the summer instead of flip flops.) I'd be embarrassed to count how many pairs I own and reveal that number. So whatever that number may be, it just increased by one more pair with this lovely addition to my collection. Having seen these Gucci-esque beauties at LF in Santa Barbara a couple of weeks ago, I scoffed at the high price tag, but couldn't get them off my mind. Fast forward to last week, and another LF store (this time in San Francisco), and I wasted no time at all in asking for my size. They can be worn scrunched down or pulled up to the knee. Even better, the thick 3" heel makes them comfortable and fit for walking around the hilly city of San Francisco, which I did plenty of on Saturday night. Speaking of San Francisco, expect to see a travel and shopping feature coming soon.

Jeffrey Campbell studded knee length boots

Jeffrey Campbell studded knee length boots

Boots by Jeffrey Campbell