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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In Wonderland

For me, part of the appeal of fashion lies in its ability to offer endless creative options for physical adornment. I can indulge in my latest inexpensive thrift store finds, my less budget-friendly European high street treasures, or I can play dress up every day according to my mood. Take for example, my statement-making oversized bow headband from Topshop. At about $50, it certainly was not cheap, but there is simply nothing like it for sale in southern California (unless I embark on a DIY project to create my own version or scour the internet). I take comfort knowing that there won't be another girl in a 50 mile radius wearing anything like this...at least not yet, anyways. In the meantime, I can indulge in my Alice in Wonderland fantasy, oversized bow included.

big bow headband