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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Which She Loves Her Rodarte Inspired Tights

While scouring the internet to find an affordable version of the Mulleavy sisters' amazing but elusive spider web tights, I came upon this post on A Girl Brushed Red. A talented young woman named Samantha has mastered the enviable task of creating a DIY version and is selling them in her Etsy shop. I was immediately smitten. As someone who has no knitting or crocheting skills and been searching high and low for holey Rodarte-esque tights that don't resemble torn fishnets, I didn't hesitate to email Samantha with my measurements for a custom-made pair. A few days later they arrived in all of their glory, sexy thigh highs with hot pink ribbon tied flirtatiously around the top. I can't remember the last time I was this excited to receive a handmade item in the mail. They look identical to the runway versions, fit perfectly, come in a variety of colors (hot pink, purple, green, etc.) and are about 24 times more affordable. Thank you Samantha!

Rodarte inspired cobweb tights

Rodarte inspired cobweb tights

Worn with an AA pencil skirt and Topshop studded boots.