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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Day (Or Two) In Copenhagen

Continuing along with my Nylon magazine inspired travel features, the next city I'm featuring is Denmark's vibrant and stylish capital - Copenhagen.

4:30 pm - After a brief yet expensive $40 cab ride from Kastrup Airport, enjoy the magnificent water and city views as you check into the Marriott Copenhagen.



5:00 pm - Venture out to explore the Town Hall Square, the Stroget (the 1+ mile-long pedestrian shopping street), and surrounding areas. Quickly note the hordes of folks that are out and about, and upon inquiring, find out that it's Culture Night. Stores stay open late on this annual evening of celebration, and some museums, theaters, and galleries offer free admission. Carefully navigate to the Round Tower, and on your way, observe girls dancing provocatively in several store windows.

6:30 pm - Meander over to Nyhavn (with beautiful views of the canal) while dodging raindrops and then pick a restaurant for dinner. Immediately notice that the outdoor tables are well equipped with umbrellas and wool blankets for the brave folks who choose to dine outside. Order the lemon sole and after converting Danish kroner to U.S. currency, gasp when you realize it's about $50.

Copenhagen food

7:30 pm - Since the stores are still open, wander along the Stroget until you get to Illum, a department store brimming with edgy Danish fashion and a charming cafe.

9:30 pm - After browsing the stores along the Stroget, head back to your hotel to make plans for the next day. Take note of how large the rooms (and bathrooms) are at the Marriott, and enjoy some time reading the Danish fashion magazines you purchased at the airport.

The next day

9:30 am - After overeating at the Marriott's enormous breakfast buffett, hop on a bus that will take you on a tour of several castles outside of Copenhagen. Marvel in the simple beauty of the Danish countryside and the partly cloudy sky.



Some time that afternoon - Enjoy the views of Kronborg Castle and tour the dark, cramped casements (dungeons) where prisoners were once kept and occupants engaged in activities such as fencing.

Kronborg Castle

Some time much later that afternoon - Visit the imposing and regal Fredericksborg Castle. Note how much brick was used in the construction and step back in awe to absorb the view.

Fredericksborg Castle

Early evening - Arrive back in the city just in time to visit the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, which has some of the city's best art and sculptures. (Founded by brewing magnate Carl Jacobsen, the collection contains over 10,000 pieces with an emphasis on the ancient Mediterranean world and 19th and 20th century Danish and French art.) Enjoy a delicious sandwich in the patio cafe. Enjoy paintings by Monet, Degas, and van Gogh on the roof terrace with barely a moment to spare before closing.



Coming soon, features on Edinburgh, Dublin, San Francisco, and perhaps Santa Barbara.