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Friday, October 24, 2008

Un Petit Chapeau


The warm summer-like weather we've been having in southern California has given me the perfect opportunity to wear my new floral chiffon skirt and put my cozy knits temporarily on hold while I await cooler temperatures. The new mini tophat headband that I bought at Accessorize in the UK took a test spin on my head today, as I've been dying to wear it. I expect to get my fair share of odd looks while wearing it, but someone in my casual and not-so-fashion-forward area has to be the first to wear something a little crazy like this. Although it was quite pricey with the exchange rate, I convinced myself that I couldn't leave the UK without buying it, as I haven't seen anything like it in the States.

Outfit details: mini tophat with tulle, Accessorize, flutter-sleeve tee and tiered skirt, Target, belt, H&M in Stockholm, platform boots, Cathy Jean