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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shopping The Saunders Collection...Again

It's no secret that I love Target's GO International designer collaborations. Accordingly, I went back to try on a few more pieces from the Jonathan Saunders collection that looked interesting, including the kaleidoscope tee in ebony and the body-hugging ponte skirt. I was disappointed in the cheap, plastic-y texture of the graphics on the tee, as it reminded me of those iron-on graphics from the 1980s that end up cracking when you throw them in the dryer. The tee runs very large, has a boat-neck silhouette, and consists of a cotton/modal blend. It was so long that I tucked it into the ponte skirt to give the outfit some shape. As for the skirt, it's very form-fitting, and has a sophisticated panel of satin in the front and back.

Jonathan Saunders for Target
While I didn't buy either piece, I did order the dress pictured below, as none of the Targets I visited carried it, and I have a strong feeling that eccentric prints like this marble print will be gaining popularity in the coming seasons. Has anyone else seen it, tried it on, or bought it? I'd like to know how it fits.

Jonathan Saunders for Target
2nd image from target.com
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