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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Shopping List

Whilst in Europe, I bought much more than I was expecting, despite the poor exchange rates. Someone has to stimulate economies of other countries, right? It didn't help that I had a list of things I was looking for before I even departed for Europe. Amongst the enormous pile that is the shopping I did recently in Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, and Ireland, here is a list of my favorite finds:

shredded skinnies from Topshop
purple oversized bow headband from Topshop
plaid scarves
a mini tophat headband with tulle from Accessorise
a Rodarte-esque oversized cobwebby sweater
tie-die Cheap Mondays
Gucci-esque studded ankle boots from Topshop (I can't wait to photograph them)
fringed black boots
faux fur boot/slippers from Indiska in Copenhagen
paisley print dress
shiny black skinnies from New Look
cropped faux fur vest from Miss Selfridge
houndstooth print tulip skirt from Lindex in Stockholm
graphic mini from Lindex
chunky looped sweater vest from New Look
paisley print pussy bow blouse
lots of scarves
lots of necklaces and accessories (think plaid, bows, etc.)
paisley and plaid tights from A Wear in Ireland and River Island in Scotland
winkle pickers from Office
a fringed T-shirt from Topshop
a body-con tiered black lace dress from River Island
a wool biker jacket from River Island (see the post where I'm standing on a Dublin doorstep)

Pictures to follow soon, I promise!