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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shopping The Delia*s Fall '08 Catalog

As I perused my new dELiA*s catalog this evening, there were a few items that made their way onto my ever-expanding wish list. I'm currently drawing inspiration for cold weather attire from the outdoorsy, college prep-inspired dEliA*s catalog images. And just in time for my trip abroad, where temperatures will be about 30 degrees cooler than in southern California.

Delias catalog

Pictured above: 1 - Kaitlyn sailor sweater, $59.50, 2 - Dani motorcycle jacket, $64.50, 3 - Striped scarf, $22.50, 4 - Steve Madden Swank boot, $129.50, 5 - Margot tiered cami, $34.50.

Images from delias.com
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