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Monday, October 27, 2008

In Europe

Some random things I learned from my recent European trip:

The Swedes love their skinny jeans, boots, and scarves as much as the residents of Copenhagen adore their main mode of transportation - their bikes.

Speaking of bikes, the people of Copenhagen ride their bikes so naturally and gracefully, as if they've been doing it since before they were old enough to walk.

Stockholm seems to have as many H&M locations as San Francisco has Gap stores or L.A. has Starbucks...or Boston has Dunkin Donuts.

The tap water in Scandinavia tastes better than premium bottled water in the U.S. Not surprising, considering the progressive environmental policies of the region.

The Danish countryside, with its sprawling forests, crystal clear water views, and charming architecture, is every bit as inviting and beautiful as I had imagined.

The people of Edinburgh hardly leave home without three things: gum, their ipods, and cigarettes.

A quesadilla costs about $20USD in Copenhagen, but if you want to save money on dining out in this city (and you're not health conscious or vegetarian) opt for a hot dog from one of the many vendors on the street.

Dubliners certainly don't lack pubs, bars, or other watering holes. Walk down almost any block in the core of this compact city and you're bound to stumble upon half a dozen drinking options. Cheers! (More travel info coming soon.)