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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Europe...


After visiting Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Edinburgh in the past week, I have concluded that not only does Stockholm have some of Europe's most beautiful residents, but it also has the most inspiring store window displays. The photo above was taken at Souk, where yours truly went on a mini shopping spree at the large Topshop boutique. I indulged myself in the oversized bow headband trend and picked up a Luella-esque floral top on sale. After doing some calculations to convert from Swedish kroner to U.S. dollars, I cringed at the high prices for everything from hotel rooms to food and clothing. When I arrived in Copenhagen, the reality of how expensive it is for Americans to eat out in this city set in. A regular seafood dinner at a restaurant in Nyhavn (the canal area) for one person costs $50 - without a drink, appetizer, or dessert! In Copenhagen, I found the boutiques to be equally as expensive, and therefore, didn't buy very much. That is until I arrived in Edinburgh this Monday. Hello, high street shopping! I can't wait to wear some of my new purchases when I return home and I'm looking forward to catching up on my regular fashion blog reading as well as posting more vacation/store window photos.