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Monday, September 29, 2008

Trend On The Rise - Tulip Skirts

I've recently developed an affinity (no, make that an obsession) for tulip skirts. So what is it about them that draws me in? I adore the ultra feminine, nipped-in waists contrasted against full volume in the hip and thigh area. While not the most flattering silhouette, it's a practical one for days when body-con is too constricting or revealing. For me, the trick is to make sure the skirt is a few inches above the knee, and then add a form-fitting top, tuck it in, and cinch the skirt with a stretchy elastic belt. After admiring AA's purple version of the tulip skirt in a magazine, I sought it out a slightly less flashy color - navy. With its elastic waistband and side pockets, it can be styled to look casual and sporty. I, however, prefer to dress it up by styling it with a country-inspired top, a bold striped belt, and a dark gray manicure.

tulip skirt