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Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Wonderland

In my idea of the perfect online source of fashion inspiration, there would be one go-to website with magazine and catalog-like images/photoshoots, runway photos, and online shopping all in one place. The website would be updated daily, the models would be everyday girls instead of impossibly tall and rail-thin models, the clothing would be affordable, and the images would be nothing short of enchanting. Since no such website exists for me (others may beg to differ), I surf my way around the internet to various sites and always seem to land back at Topshop. What I particularly enjoy about their site is the style blog and the special collections that they feature. Wonderland, which is currently my favorite feature, captures the innocence and feminine charm of Alice in Wonderland without being too costumey. Having visited Oxford University in May of last year (a source of inspiration for Lewis Carroll's story), I'm especially inspired by the tees with rabbit graphics, the voluminous lantern skirts, the shrunken tuxedo jackets, and the flirty bow ties. Below are some looks from the collection and one of my favorite pieces, a prim and proper dress done by both Topshop and Forever 21.

Alice in Wonderland fashion trend

Somehow the silhouette of this dress must have seeped into my subconscious. Two months ago, I would have never thought of buying a dress with so much volume on the bottom. After browsing the Topshop website and lusting after almost every piece in the Wonderland collection, I hoped and imagined that the Forever 21 designers would be doing the same. When I saw the magenta dress at Forever 21 a few days ago, I gasped with excitement. I immediately had fantasies of sipping tea in a garden and frolicking in the English countryside. Given the simple silhouette, I could style the dress in so many ways. Perhaps with lace tights, a floppy bow, and platform pumps...or with a chunky knit cardigan, metallic belt, and a wool beret. To balance the softness of the frock, I decided to pair it with some suede platform boots, a sturdy bow necklace, and a grommet belt.


Please note - this photo was taken before I chopped off my locks.

Necklace - Dominique Cohen for Target, dress - Forever 21, belt - unknown, boots - Alice + Olivia for Payless

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